Evolution of Mankind

Winds of Change will have audiences experience the true magic of life and provide an insight of how the human species are currently evolving: Becoming more in touch with who we really are through a shift in consciousness. Through an on-screen encounter with some truly connected and enlightened individuals of all continents we become more aware of our own connection to the source and we will be inspired as to how we can become more whole human beings. We will come to realize that the powers of the universe are all with us as long as we create the space for it to help navigate our lives.

We have started shooting for Winds of Change in North America in July 2008. The journey will continue on in Middle & South America, Australia and Asia from November 2008 till March 2009. You will be able to follow the progress through the BLOGG section on this site.

120 min. docu-drama [in production]
Directed by: Renata Heinen & Rolf
Winters A Purple Wolf production